Common Core Standard 8.G.9

The surface area of a cone is the outside covering of the cone. Finding the surface area of a cone involves finding the lateral area and adding this to the base area of the cone.

What is a cone in geometry?

A cone is a three-dimensional geometric shape. The base of a cone is circular in shape. 
A cone has only one vertex.
Two common types of cones are the right cone and the oblique cone

A right cone has its apex positioned over the cones center of the base.
The apex of a oblique cone is not positioned over the center of the cone’s base
In summary… To find the surface area of a cone follow these steps.
  • Find the lateral area of a cone using:
  • πradius x slant height of the cone
  • Find the base area of the cone using:
  • πradius squared
  • Add the Lateral area plus the base area