Practice Dividing Positive and Negative Numbers

Common Core Standard 6.NS.C.5

6th Grade Math

In Math numbers can either be greater than zero or less than zero. We distinguish these numbers by calling them either a positive number or a negative number. We use the symbol – to indicate a negative number. On a number line a positive number will be to the right of zero, and a negative number will be to the left of zero.

When you divide negative numbers it can get a little tricky trying to figure out if the answer is positive or negative.

Let’s review the rules for dividing positive and negative integers.

When you divide two numbers with the same sign the product is positive.
When you divide two numbers with different signs the product is negative.

or…. remember that….

Like signs produce a positive number and unlike signs, a negative number.

Remember, negatives must come in pairs.

rules division positive negative numbers

Example problems dividing negative numbers