Definition of Kite in Geometry

Common Core Standard: 6.G.1 7.G.6 6th Grade Math 7th Grade Math

What are the properties of a kite quadrilateral? A kite shape has each of the following characteristics.

  • A kite has four sides
  • A kite is a quadrilateral
  • A kite is two dimensional.

Kite in Geometry Characteristic Checklist

In order for a Quadrilateral to be classified as a Kite at least one of these conditions must be true: 
  • One diagonal divides the Quadrilateral into two triangles that are mirror images of one another.
  • The Quadrilateral must have two pairs of adjacent, disjointed sides that are equal. Disjointed means that one side can’t be used in both pairs of sides.
  • One diagonal is the perpendicular bisector of the other diagonal. In other words, divides it in half, and creates four right angles.
  • One pair of opposite angles is bisected by one diagonal.