10 Fun Science Facts

Fun Science Facts

How long do flies live?
That pesky fly that keeps bothering you only lives about 30 days. That is unless they run into your flyswatter.
Like many of us they prefer temperatures around 70 degrees and this extends their life slightly.

Why does chocolate make us happy?
Besides tasting great, chocolate has a powerful drug called serotonin that makes us feel happy.

How long does it take most people to fall asleep?
On average most people fall asleep in 7 minutes.
Unless they stop by Starbucks and have two coffees and an expresso, or are stressed.

Ever wondered how fast that goo comes out of your mouth when you sneeze?
On average it travels at 100 mph.
So …. when you are eating those poptarts and sneeze, it’s gonna come out of your mouth at about 100 mph on the people around you.

How long does it take to digest your food after eating a meal?
I know after some meals it feels like it stays in your gut forever.
On average it takes 12 hours to digest.

We are shorter at night then in the morning.

This is because gravity pulls down on our vertebra.

Your small intestine is actually longer than your large intestines.

Your small intestines is around 9 to 15 feet long and the large intestines are 5 feet long. However, your large intestines have a greater diameter.

The Mexican pronghorn which is a hoofed animal can reach speeds up to 55 miles per hour. This is only a couple miles per hour slower than a Cheetah.

There are 8 birds that cannot fly.

Penguin, Kiwi, Steamer Duck, Weka,Ostrich, Kakapo, Takahe, Cassowary

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake. It is located in North America and is part of the great lakes.