7 Deadly frogs-Kissing these frogs may kill you.

These frogs are cute, colorful, but also deadly, The toxin in one of these frogs could kill ten adults.

Golden poison dart frog This small cute frog has enough toxin to kill 13 people or two elephants. Just picking this frog up can result in your death. They are found on the pacific coast of Columbia.

golden dart frog

Red-backed poison frog
This small colorful frog found in looks cute but can make you sick. The toxin from this frog will not cause death, but you will get sick. The toxin from these frogs have been known to kill small animals and chickens.

red black dart frog

Blue poison dart frog

This blue color is telling you to stay away. This small frog can be a killer. The toxin from this blue frog can paralyze or even cause death in humans.

blue poison dart frog

Golfodulcean Poison Frog This frog with it’s beautiful warning coloration has poison that can cause excruciating pain, seizures, and even paralysis in humans.

Golfodulcean poison frog


Splash-backed Poison Frog

Please don’t play leapfrog with this frog. The poison from this small frog could kill up to five adult males or females. It is found in Ecuador and Peru.

splashbacked frog

Phantasmal Poison Frog This is a tiny deadly frog. This frog found in Ecuador is only a centimeter in length yet hs poison capable of killing a human. A very powerful painkiller has been developed from the poison of this frog.

phantasmal frog

Black-legged Dart Frog This frog who gets it name from having dark legs, is one to avoid. Only a tiny portion if it’s poison can cause fevers, excruciating pain, seizures and, ultimately, death by respiratory and muscular paralysis.

black legged dart frog