Characteristics of Living Things-What makes something alive?

Types of Human Body Tissue

Difference between Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Conduction -Convection- Radiation-Heat Transfer

What are the characteristics of Reptiles?

Basic Human Anatomy for Beginners

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I love these video's. Your voice is at a perfect speed without me having to alter the speed of the video (saves me time) and your voice is something that the students pay attention to (not monotone)! Thank you for making these video's and I hope y'all continue.

This channel is under rated.

Thank you Sir for this simple and informative explanation.

I started learning from this channel in my sophmore year now a graduating senior! thank you!

Easily explained, easily understood. Thank you!

This was such a great video, I honestly had questions and confusions but this was so clear, so thank you!

Great explanation! I've never learned this at school (or I didn't pay attention) but I learn it now through your videos!